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The Fountain Court at Culzean Castle

Thank you!

With the help of members and friends, The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA has fully funded the restoration of the water feature at the center of Culzean Castle’s Fountain Court. The repairs are now complete and the magnificent fountain is fully functional again. Read on to learn more about the restoration work – completed with the expertise of Culzean’s own preservation stonemasons.


Culzean Castle is one of Scotland’s treasures: a Robert Adam-designed masterpiece perched on the cliffs of Ayrshire. Its story is one of adventure, ambition, and incredible beauty.

Passing through the Ruined Arch at the entrance to the Castle, visitors are greeted with a panoramic view of the idyllic Fountain Court gardens. The formal landscape is centered on a Baroque-style fountain and is adorned with an extraordinary collection of subtropical plants, thanks to the nourishment of the passing Gulf Stream.

The fountain was purchased from London sculptors Austin & Seely in 1876 and installed by local mason John Gilmour. At one time, the fountain pond was filled with trout and surrounded by a low fence meant to prevent stray balls from the adjacent tennis lawn from ending up in the water!

Repairing the Fountain

Earlier this year, NTSUSA contributed $95,000 to the National Trust for Scotland to restore the fountain, which features a figure of Triton surrounded by dolphins. The plumbing and tanking system were repaired and the original bricks lining the fountain basin were cleaned and re-laid, allowing it to once again hold water.

Relaying bricks in the base of the fountain.

Stonework was undertaken by the Culzean Stonemasons, who carved and installed the quarried blocks on-site. Building on the region’s long history of stonemasonry – there were some 400 stone quarries in the area when the estate was developed in the late 18th century, and there are stones on the beach that were worked by in-house masons more than 200 years ago – the National Trust for Scotland has built its own in-house team of masons at Culzean. They use the same historical techniques and tools to keep the property in shape, and apprentices work alongside the professionals, ensuring traditional building skills are protected.

Thanks to the generosity of NTSUSA members and donors like you, the fountain is fully operational and the historic grandeur of the Fountain Court has been restored!

Our Work Continues

Glencoe's Enduring Legacy

In the coming year, we will be asking you to consider making a gift to support another of the National Trust for Scotland’s flagship properties: Glencoe. The Trust is working to create an unforgettable visitor experience, vividly reinterpreting the landscape and its history at a world-class visitor center that combines exhibitions, archaeology, trail walks, and play spaces to capture the imagination of travelers the world over.

For more information on how you can help share the rich history and majestic beauty of Glencoe with everyone who loves Scotland as we do, check back here later this fall or contact executive director Kirstin Bridier at 617-227-7500 or kbridier@ntsusa.org.

Culzean Castle & Country Park

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