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Conserve Culloden Fund

Culloden Moor is a witness to history, a powerfully emotive place. But the field of battle and the views that surround it are increasingly under threat from development, and we must work harder each day to protect its powerful and authentic sense of place.

April marks the 275th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. The last major battle on British soil, Culloden ended the Jacobite Rising and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s claim to the throne – and a wild moor outside Inverness became the final resting place of 1,500 Jacobite and 50 Government soldiers who fought and died there.

The battle and its aftermath still resonate across Scotland and the wider world, including much of North America. Scots immigrated to the American colonies after the Jacobite Rising and helped shape our country in profound ways – pioneering industry and philanthropy, federalizing our National Parks, and excelling in the arts and sciences. From the Scots recruited to fight for American Independence to those who sought a better life after the clearances, there has always been a deep connection between the Scottish Highlands and America.

But right now, our shared heritage is under attack and we need your help. The Trust has recently, and successfully, objected to three residential housing plans on adjacent land that is not under our care. Together, with your generous support, we can continue to oppose similar proposals that compromise Culloden’s sense of place.

Will you join us in the fight for Culloden by making a gift today?

Fighting a New Battle

What will Culloden look like 300 years from now without integrated planning and community support?

The biggest threat to Culloden is piecemeal development encroaching on the battlefield. The Trust has recently objected to three residential housing plans on adjacent land that is not under our care. We are committed to protecting the uniqueness of the battlefield – the deep authentic connection with the landscape experienced by people who live, work, and visit the area – and the profound impact the battle had on Scottish and world history.

Your donation to the Conserve Culloden Fund will ensure we are able to oppose developments on this historically significant land where soldiers fought and died and protect it for the future.

Conserving Culloden

A donation to the Conserve Culloden Fund will support the development of remote learning materials to educate children across Scotland about the Jacobite rising and how the final stand at Culloden changed the course of world history.

A gift today will help us maintain the landscape as closely as possible to how it would have looked in the 18th century – a constant process. Goats and cows graze the land, stopping overgrowth without the use of harmful pesticides or noisy machinery.

Help Us Protect the Historic Landscape at Culloden

We need to begin this work now so that we are able to experience Culloden’s same remarkable sense of place twenty-five years from now – on the 300th anniversary of the battle – and beyond. Culloden Moor is at the heart of Scotland’s spiritual identity as a nation and our shared cultural heritage. If we stand back and allow its demise through inappropriate development now, future generations will never understand or forgive us.

Will you join NTSUSA in the fight for Culloden by making a gift today?

Culloden Battlefield

About Culloden

Under the National Trust for Scotland’s care since 1937, Culloden is the most visited battlefield in Great Britain. Even before the popularity of Outlander, Culloden was a must-see destination for visitors to Scotland from the United States and beyond. Today, it welcomes 300,000 annually.

With constant maintenance, Culloden Moor appears largely unchanged from April 16, 1746. A central memorial cairn and stone markers recognize fallen soldiers by clan. The thatched Leanach Cottage has been restored, evoking a sense of the broader historic landscape. And an accredited museum and visitor center tells the story of the Rising from both the Jacobite and Government points of view, with artifacts and immersive experiences allowing visitors to feel that they are at the heart of the battle.

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